Is Hotyce The Nigerian Rap Messiah?

Is Hotyce The Nigerian Rap Messiah?

Just like her jollof rice, Nigerian music is making waves all over the world, so much so that more international acts have started genially featuring Nigerian artists without asking for money, but one thing stands out, the Nigerian rappers are not necessarily moving at the same pace as their pop act counterparts and this may be attributed to a school of thought that believes; Nigerians are not necessarily interested in hip-hop.

But, this has been proven a fallacy with events like the recent JCole concert in Lagos December, 2018 that had over  70% of the audience rapping to his new album word for word.

This has not always been so, from the days of Mode Nine’s lyrical genius, to Overdose’s still unmatched depth, wordplay like Terry tha Rapman’s and Edris Abdulkareem’s clever use of pun, Nigerian rap had times that some would describe as the glory days.  Shortly after the epic Edris Abdulkareem-Obasanjo run out, there was a brief slump period where everything went quiet for a while.

Then 10 years ago, the generally acclaimed king of Nigerian Hip-hop, MI Abaga released his first album ‘Talk About It’ on the 11th of December 2008 and till date, no Nigerian rapper or rap album has been able to generate the sort of wave MI obtained then. You have three days to prove me wrong, take your time.

Are you done?

In 2017 when it felt like South Africa and other African hip-hop acts were getting bigger raves than those in the Nigerian hip-hop scene, MI asked his Nigerian counterparts to ‘fix Up’ with his single titled ‘You rappers should fix your life’ but instead, they came for his head with a couple of them putting out sulky records to challenge his authority.

It’s a year since the release of ‘You rappers Should Fix up Your Life’ and Nigeria is yet to witness any hip-hop record heavy enough to make MI lose sleep, but I think I have finally found the one, he’s Hotyce.

I stumbled on Hotyce’s new record by chance and since then I have gone back to listen to some of his old tunes. His voice has got the sort of hunger for success that I saw in MI the first time we spoke about his music and I’m willing to bet that he is going to shake the hip-hop table when he finally puts out an album.

I think Hotyce is the Nigerian hip-hop messiah we desperately prayed for, if you don’t believe me listen to his new record here.

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